This information model covers the infrastructure and services provided by the Industrial Data Space and provides both a human readable and machine-processable knowledge base that is available in a standardized form using Semantic Web techniques. It is required for ensuring compatibility in information exchange of the various Industrial Data Space components and to support automated service discovery and orchestration. The Industrial Data Space is a complex project with a large number of contributors and consumers having diverse and sometimes conflicting requirements. It is therefore not possible to gain a comprehensive overview on all use cases and informational needs of the involved stakeholder. As a consequence, when creating the Industrial Data Space information model, we follow an agile approach that aims to support the current state of the IDS specification and is extended and revised as needed to fulfill changing requirements.

The information provided by this site complements the chapter "Information Layer" of the Reference Architecture Model for the Industrial Data Space. It is the work-in-progress view of the physical model that can be directly utilized by developers of infrastructure components or data apps.

The model presented at this site is available also in other formats, e.g., as a Java library for programmatically creating compatible data and service offering descriptions and in a different visualization format, resembling an UML class diagram. If you are not already a member of the Industrial Data Space Association and want to get access to these model distributions, please get into contact with us!